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Six Theories Why Some Caregivers Suck at Self-care

*+-Are you great at being a caregiver but suck at self-care? Me too. Just the other day I made a colorful, varied and healthy lunch for my dad while I ate cold pizza. And, although I am meticulous about making sure that he is clean, odor-free and his clothing and bedding are fresh, I just forget some days to take a …

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Why I lost 80 pounds in 9 months (…and how)

*+-There was a time when I weighed 230 pounds. At 5’6 I thought that I could get away with being heavier because I was a little taller. Despite that delusion, my weight triggered chronic health issues that I still struggle with today – high blood pressure and chronic back problems. I was never able to get my weight under control. …

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