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Six Theories Why Some Caregivers Suck at Self-care


*+-Are you great at being a caregiver but suck at self-care? Me too. Just the other day I made a colorful, varied and healthy lunch for my dad while I ate cold pizza. And, although I am meticulous about making sure that he is clean, odor-free and his clothing and bedding are fresh, I just forget some days to take a …

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The Power of Patience


*+-Title: The Power of Patience: How to slow the rush and enjoy more happiness, success and peace of mind every day. Author: M.J. Ryan My Take on this Title: This book has become my touchstone (or worry stone) as well as my mental first aid kit. I carry it in my purse on days when I think I might need a dose of …

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Dad Diaries: Caregiving as Training Wheels for Patience

Surprised / shocked face expression of woman. Surprise and shock

*+-Patience. The concept challenges me so much that I had to buy a book to understand it. The Great Depression humorist, Arnold Glasow is quoted saying, “The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it.” Oh, my long departed friend, you are so correct. The same is true when working with …

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Dad Diary: Two Tips for Including Family and Staying Sane

*+-When a loved one goes into the hospital, those closest to the patient have an awful lot to deal with. If you are a spouse, or parent, or child, you may be the one bearing the greatest responsibility. In the first few days of a hospitalization, the situation may progress slowly or it may move quickly. Either way, families are …

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Being Sick Well


*+-Title: Being Sick Well Author: Jeffrey H. Boyd, MD, MPH My Take on this Title: I appreciate Dr. Boyd’s honesty as well as his practical compassion. He, not only shares stories that may reflect your own, but gives sage advice (from both sides of the stethoscope) around issues we need to hear about defining the nature of illness, surviving with dignity and …

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Why I lost 80 pounds in 9 months (…and how)


*+-There was a time when I weighed 230 pounds. At 5’6 I thought that I could get away with being heavier because I was a little taller. Despite that delusion, my weight triggered chronic health issues that I still struggle with today – high blood pressure and chronic back problems. I was never able to get my weight under control. …

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What I miss about being a caregiver

Love In The Family

*+-There are aspects about being a caregiver that are truly beneficial to us. We learn so much about ourselves, the one we care for, and about life (and practical things like how to change a sterile wound dressing). Even though my caregiver days are behind me (at the moment), there are times that I miss the person I was when …

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