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Gray Matter: A neurosurgeon discovers the power of prayer

Title: Gray Matter: A neurosurgeon discovers the power of prayer

Author: David Levy, MD

My Take on this Title:

My primary care physician asks me if I would like her to pray with me at the end of every appointment. It’s a unique doctor’s office, but I greatly appreciate (and take her up on) the connection that goes beyond my physical wellbeing, to my spiritual values. No matter your faith or religion, the honoring of our whole selves by the people who care for our most intimate asset — our health — is comforting to me.

Dr. David Levy is a brain surgeon. At one point in his career, he decided to begin asking his patients if he could pray for them before surgery. Some were thrilled. Some were skeptical. Some were hostile, and some were quite literally transformed by the request.

No matter your stance, Dr. Levy’s approach to care and his patients is refreshing.

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