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Caring for Caregivers

Can you be a caregiver and still pursue your dreams?! Let’s see.


-+*Last year, I conducted a small, but revealing, reader survey to see what issues concerned people most. Somewhat surprisingly, the desire to pursue one’s dreams while being a caregiver emerged as an important topic for many. As I reflected on this topic further, in light of my current caregiving situation (my 83-year-old father living with us with moderate care needs), …

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Six Theories Why Some Caregivers Suck at Self-care


-+*Are you great at being a caregiver but suck at self-care? Me too. Just the other day I made a colorful, varied and healthy lunch for my dad while I ate cold pizza. And, although I am meticulous about making sure that he is clean, odor-free and his clothing and bedding are fresh, I just forget some days to take a …

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5 Secrets to Gaining Your Physician’s Respect


-+*Have you ever felt dismissed or demeaned by a physician? This blog is going to give you five secrets I’ve uncovered from years of working with physicians, personally and professionally. They, just like us “normal” folk, have varied personalities and preferences. It sounds obvious, but, many times, we expect physicians to be better than “normal.” We expect them to have …

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Who’s Taking Care of Me? Three Q&A to Understanding Your Hospital Care Team

Team Of Expert Doctors Examining Medical Reports at Hospital

-+*Being admitted to the hospital is confusing and scary enough. There is a flurry of activity to address your medical needs, diagnose and treat your problem, along with administrative tasks. Then, there’s getting you settled into a room. Lots of new faces start showing up to poke and prod you, ask you lots of questions and run tests. It can be …

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There’s a time to fight and a time for faith

Senior Couple Embracing In Hospital

-+*Published: November 2008 PA CAREgiver Magazine As I write, my husband, Scott, has been in the hospital for 70 days straight. Needless to say, it has been a long and arduous stay and I am unclear when it will end. More so than any other of Scott’s hospital stays, this one has caused me more frustration and anger, more turmoil …

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Four Tips: Making the most of your next doctor’s appointment

Doctor Discussing Records With Senior Female Patient

-+*Do you love your doctor, but hate having to go to doctor appointments? We schedule them out of necessity, duty, or habit, but do you really get what you need from these precious face-to-face interactions with your most trusted health adviser? If you find yourself regularly walking away scratching your head and saying “what just happened?” then your doctor’s appointments …

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Why I lost 80 pounds in 9 months (…and how)


-+*There was a time when I weighed 230 pounds. At 5’6 I thought that I could get away with being heavier because I was a little taller. Despite that delusion, my weight triggered chronic health issues that I still struggle with today – high blood pressure and chronic back problems. I was never able to get my weight under control. …

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