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Caring for Caregivers

Preparing Children for Life…a visit to the hospital

-+*Recently, I was out for a run (we’ll deal with the fact that I run with two herniated discs in a future blog) and I saw a father at a nearby gas station teaching his son how to pump gas. I figured that the boy was about 9 years old. Brilliant! As I went by, I asked the man if he …

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When illness gives you lemons, make lemon meringue pie

-+*Opening up and sharing life in the midst of chronic illness. My mother was 45 years old when she had me in 1970. Today, having a child at that age isn’t as big of a deal as it was back then. My experience of having a mother born of the pre-depression era was really a special treat because she was …

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What I miss about being a caregiver

-+*There are aspects about being a caregiver that are truly beneficial to us. We learn so much about ourselves, the one we care for, and about life (and practical things like how to change a sterile wound dressing). Even though my caregiver days are behind me (at the moment), there are times that I miss the person I was when …

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