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Susan is the creator of MyHealthVoice.com, built upon her 20+ years in healthcare and her experiences as a caregiver and patient. She is a writer, speaker and advocate for people living with chronic or life limiting illness as well as their family and professional caregivers. Learn more - www.myhealthvoice/susanharkema/.

Dying Well

*+-Title: Dying Well: Peace and Possibilities at the End of Life Author: Ira Byock, MD My Take on this Title: Our final phase of life is, in my humble opinion, one of our greatest opportunities to live our values and love most deeply. But, it is viewed in our culture as taboo so no one discusses it or prepares for the inevitable. …

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“Choosing Wisely” Campaign Says “Question These Things!”

*+-When you see a doctor who is a specialist in Internal Medicine (or other subspecialties), she (or he)  must be certified (and re-certified) by the organization that oversees her group of physicians in that specialty practicing in the United States. “The American Board of Internal Medicine (or ABIM) is a non-profit, independent physician evaluation organization committed to continuously improving the …

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At what point does more treatment not equal better care?

*+-Click here to read NY Times opinion piece by Dr. Ira Byock “Our health care system is well honed to fight disease, but poorly designed to meet the basic safety needs of seriously ill patients and their families. We can do both. We must.” Dr. Byock’s position is that we should have a Safe Dying Act in this country. Patients shouldn’t …

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“The Invisible Homebound” How can care improve at home?

*+-Around 4 million Americans have chronic illnesses and disabilities that make it difficult—if not impossible—for them to leave their homes, even for medical care. They are an often forgotten group, one that typically cycles in and out of hospitals and skilled nursing facilities, and a costly one as well. Researchers, Bruce Leff and Christine Ritchie, coauthored a recent Health Affairs study …

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What I miss about being a caregiver

*+-There are aspects about being a caregiver that are truly beneficial to us. We learn so much about ourselves, the one we care for, and about life (and practical things like how to change a sterile wound dressing). Even though my caregiver days are behind me (at the moment), there are times that I miss the person I was when …

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