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About MHV


The MHV vision is of a healthcare system where physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals along with patients and family caregivers work together as partners. And, through shared knowledge and decision making, co-create better medical outcomes and better experiences of health and healthcare for all.

Patients are empowered and equipped to take active and appropriate responsibility for their health and healthcare. They are confident and open to learn about their disease and treatment, as well as ask questions and challenge opinion towards achieving their health and life goals.

Family caregivers are honored as an equal team member who brings intimate knowledge and experience of the patient to the table.

Physicians and other healthcare professionals are engaged and have an equal, balanced partnership with their patient towards mutual aims. They are emboldened to work with patients and families, thereby maximizing contributions to the care team and satisfaction as a healthcare professional.

MHV Mission

  • The MHV web world will help people have a happier life despite the chronic or life limiting illness that they face.
  • The MHV web world will help people understand how to navigate the healthcare system so that they can get the answers they need, make decisions they can live with and get the best — and the safest — medical care possible.
  • The MHV web world will help people adapt to the phases of their illness and find more hope and resiliency to, not only, survive, but thrive.
  • The MHV web world will help people create a better quality of life as they are in the midst of living with their illness.
  • The MHV web world will empower people to take charge of their health and encourage them to keep fighting while challenging their fear of the, yet, unknown.
  • The MHV web world will help people discover creative ways to deal with common healthcare issues.
  • The MHV web world will provide news and information that has been useful to others on the same journey.

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